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    We offer our customers access to certified factory-trained technicians using the best in diagnostic tools and skills to help repair your mechanical problems. Once we have identified the problem and its cause, we can offer an estimate of repairs. Please note that only the cost of specific procedures designed to correct the problem can be estimated. We cannot guarantee that these procedures will fix all of your problems. Sometimes correct diagnosis comes only as a process of elimination. Occasionally, after one problem is fixed, other underlying problems may surface. To help minimize frustration for all party's concerned, we have developed the following policies:

  • We require the boat be brought to our shop for our technicians to diagnose the problem before we can give a realistic estimate of repair costs and time frame. The amount of time required for initial inspection and repairs varies seasonally. We will give the customer our best estimate of the time needed for this process based on the current work load at the time of drop off.
  • Our labor rate is $150/hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour on all repairs and/or estimates of repair. Approving a maximum limit for repairs with the staff at the time of drop off will allow us to proceed with ordering parts and completing the repair more quickly.
  • If the repair estimate exceeds the originally estimated and approved amount, our staff will contact the customer for approval before proceeding with the repair. At that time, the customer will be given the best estimate of the cost of repairing the problems found as well as the time it will take to complete those repairs.
  • If parts need to be ordered for a repair, the delivery time from our vendors is usually within a week of the order being placed. This could take longer depending on availability and origin of the shipment, especially during the busiest part of the boating season. At the customer's request, many manufacturers also offer expedited shipping at a higher cost. Please understand that shipment times and parts availability are estimates only and are subject to change.
  • Freight charges for any special order items, whether standard or expedited, will be added to the customer's repair invoice as part of the cost of those parts.
  • If the necessary repairs are extensive and involve ordering parts totaling over $100 or if the cost of the repairs reach or exceed the current value of the boat, we will ask for a deposit equal to the cost of the parts to be ordered before proceeding.
  • If the customer decides not to proceed with the necessary repairs, they are still responsible for the labor time spent on diagnosis of the problem.
  • Water World is very sensitive to the needs of our environment and utilizes biodegradable products for repair and cleaning of all boats, motors, and trailers. Any and all by-products of these processes are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way that can be expensive. To help defray the costs of keeping our world a better place in which to live, our labor costs include a 5% surcharge on the final bill. This cost not only covers those environmental fees but also the cost of small items such as tie wraps, tape, wire, connectors, etc. that are not economically reasonable to itemize on every bill. Water World DOES NOT charge for disposal of gear lubes or oil. If disposal of old or contaminated gas is necessary, however, there is an additional fee of $7.50 per gallon.
  • Once the repair is completed, our staff will contact the customer using the contact information provided at the time of drop off. It is important to have the most accurate contact information possible on file so please take the time with our staff to review that information and be sure more than one method of contact is available for communication concerning the repair. There is limited space for repair and service boats once the work on them is complete so please plan to pick up your boat as soon as possible after contact from our staff. If the boat is left for more than 5 (five) days after notification that the repairs are complete and special arrangements have not been made with our staff for a later pick up time, there will be an additional $10.00 per day storage charge added to the final invoice.
  • Our service work is warranted for 60 days from the time of completion. Any failures occurring from improper completion of a specific repair on the part of Water World staff and billed on your repair order will be corrected at no cost to the customer and as quickly as possible. It is our sincere hope that such a situation would not arise but occasionally problems will occur.
  • Our staff may recommend after a specific procedure has been performed that the customer take the boat to be tested in the water. There are some problems that will only show in the water at full RPM or back pressure. We have special equipment in-house to simulate these conditions but cannot exactly duplicate full throttle on the water in the service shop. If the customer would prefer that our staff test the boat on the water, there will be additional charges for the time required to perform those tests. If the original problem recurs on the water, secondary problems are probably indicated, and additional repairs may be required.
  • We look forward to serving you and hope that our interaction will be a mutually beneficial one. If you should have any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know. Only by recognizing our problems areas, can we hope to improve. ¬©ood communication and trust can ease the path for all concerned. Thanks for using Water World for your boat service needs.